National 60+/70+
County Cricket Championship

President : Roger Dakin
Vice Presidents: Peter Baxter, Scyld Berry, Henry Blofeld

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Reporting of Results - 2018

All match results, including details of scheduled matches postponed or unfinished, should be notified by e-mail to the Website Administrator by the Home County by 12 noon of the day following the conclusion of a match.
A 2 point penalty as per Rule 9.2 will be applied if any result is reported later than 8pm the day after the match.

The required information is:

  • Team names;
  • Toss winner;
  • Team batting first;
  • Runs scored;
  • Wickets lost;
  • Overs received;
  • Result of match;
  • Points scored;
  • Individual performances (limited to 50 runs or more, 3 or more wickets;4catches; three stumpings; hat tricks and other items of note.

The Home County is also responsible for updating the Play-Cricket website with full scorecard details within 72 hours of the completion of the match. Failure to do will as per Rule 9.2 result in a 2 point penalty.

Please send the completed Result Form by email to Derrick Sheldon at

NB Please also report all games that are cancelled or postponed to The Play Cricket Administrator / Website Administratorr Derrrick Sheldon with the date of the re-arranged fixture

This is an example of the 2018 official results form .

National 60+/70+ County Cricket Championship - Results Form 2018

Match Date:


60+  1st , 2nd, 3rd, 4th  or 70+:


Home team:


Away team:


Toss won by :


Batted first:




Wickets ( If all out, state All Out):



100s, 50s, 3wkts, etc.:

Batted second:




Wickets ( If all out, state All Out):




100s,50s, 3wkts, etc.:


Match Result:


Points Awarded

Total Points


Batting Bonus Points

 Bowling Bonus Points

Points claimed by Home team




Points claimed by Away team




For 70+ : No of 68 year olds

Home Team


Away Team


Points are awarded as follows: Winning Team:  22 points and no Bonus Points   Losing Team:  Bonus Points only
Batting bonus points: 1 point at 125, 150, 175, 200 and 225 runs (maximum of 5)
Bowling bonus points: 1 point for 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 wickets taken (maximum of 5)
For 60+ 4th XI Matches only:     Winning Team 4 Points.  Losing team no points. Bonus Points do not apply

For 70+ Matches only:   Please state the number of 68 year olds playing in the match from both sides. For 2018 Wales and Leicestershire 2 such playersare allowed  all other teams are only allowed one.

Please ensure that the losing team’s bonus points when applicable are correctly recorded on the Play Cricket scorecard

NB: If a team is all out but loses fewer than 10 wickets owing to injury or absence, please enter "AO" on the line below Wickets


Download the form here in "Word"

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