National 60+/70+
County Cricket Championship

President : Roger Dakin
Vice Presidents: Peter Baxter, Scyld Berry, Henry Blofeld

Weekly Results Summaries All Competitions

FIXTURES for the 60+ 1st XI CHAMPIONSHIP 2018

The 1:30pm start times are notional as by mutual agreement they can be brought forward

Day Date Home
Away Venue Start Time
Tue 1-May Shropshire v Leicestershire Shrewsbury CC 1.30pm
Tue 1-May Worcestershire v Northants Worcester Nomads CC 1.30pm
Tue 1-May Oxfordshire v Warwickshire Queens College, Oxford 1.30pm
Tue 8-May Leicestershire v Worcestershire Bittesswell CC 1.30pm
Tue 8-May Northants v Oxfordshire Wellingborogh CC 1.30pm
Tue 8-May Warwickshire v Shropshire

Harborne CC

Tue 15-May Worcestershire v Shropshire Pershore CC 1.30pm
Tue 15-May Oxfordshire v Leicestershire Banbury CC 1.30pm
Tue 15-May Warwickshire v Northants Nuneaton CC 1.30pm
Tue 22-May Shropshire v Northants Quatt CC 1.30pm
Tue 22-May Leicestershire v Warwickshire Hinckley Town 1.30pm
Tue 22-May Worcestershire v Oxfordshire Ombersley CC    1.30pm
Tue 29-May Northants v Leicestershire Brixworth CC 1.30pm
Tue 29-May Oxfordshire v Shropshire Aston Rowant CC OFF
Tue 29-May Warwickshire v Worcestershire Shipston on Stour CC 1.30pm
Tue 12-June Oxfordshire v Shropshire Banbury XX 1.30pm
Tue 19-June Leicestershire v Shropshire Leicester Banks CC 1.30pm
Tue 19-June Northants v Worcestershire Overstone Park CC 1.30pm
Tue 19-June Warwickshire v Oxfordshire Nuneaton CC 1.30pm
Tue 26-June Worcestershire v Leicestershire Pershore CC    1.30pm
Tue 26-June Oxfordshire v Northants Oxford Downs CC 1.30pm
Tue 26-June Shropshire v Warwickshire Sentinel CC 1.30pm
Tue 3-July Shropshire v Worcestershire Wellington CC 1.30pm
Tue 3-July Leicestershire v Oxfordshire Oakham CC 1.30pm
Tue 3-July Northants v Warwickshire Great Oakley CC 1.30pm
Tue 10-July Northants v Shropshire Overstone CC 1.30pm
Tue 10-July Warwickshire v Leicestershire

Studley CC

Tue 10-July Oxfordshire v Worcestershire Sanford St Martin CC 1.30pm
Tue 17-July Leicestershire v Northants Lutterworth CC 1.30pm
Tue 17-July Shropshire v Oxfordshire Wroxeter CC 1.30pm
Tue 17-July Worcestershire v Warwickshire Pershore CC         1.30pm


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