Seevent National 60+
County Cricket Championship

President : Roger Dakin
Vice Presidents Henry Blofeld , Peter Baxter


Special Player Registrations

If you would like to apply for a Special Player Registration please download the new application form which can be found by clicking here and send it to Barry Briscoe the Seevent Secretary.

Peter Cutmore Norfolk 70's
Edward Langford Hampshire 70's
Kevin Smith Gloucestershire 60's 1st XI
Sigill Cragwell Hertfordshire 70's
Simon Law Warwickshire 60's 1st XI
Trevor Spindler Gloucestershire 70's
Graham Robinson Warwickshire 70's
William Smith Cheshire 70's
Paul Ashton Somerset
Richard Owen Cheshire 60's 2nd XI
Alan Hancock Cheshire 60's 1st XI





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