To apply for League  Registration:


1.    Log onto your county’s Play Cricket website as a Main Administrator

2.    Select a player from the Members Database then click on Edit Roles (Screen Shot 1)

3.    This will open a page headed ‘Roles for Player Name”. (Screen Shot 2)

4.    Click on the heading ‘League Registered Players”

5.    The next page will still be headed “Roles for Player Name” but all the players details will now be shown (Screen Shot 3)

6.    Select Category 1 from the  ‘Player Category’ drop down box  and select the applicable country from the “Place of Birth” drop down box then click the Green Save button

7.    Provided all the information entered is complete and correct the same page will refresh but without any error messages

8.    Now  click on Apply which is adjacent to  ‘National 60+/70+ County Registered Player’  under “Current Registrations”

9.    The final page as per Screen Shot 4 will now be displayed which requires a simple YES or NO answer to 5 questions.

10. The standard answers would normally be NO, NO, NO, NO, YES

11. Finally click on the Green Save button at the bottom of the page




If you need to enter a Date of Birth it must to be in the format DD/MM/YYYY


The only mandatory data that Play Cricket insists must be entered is:


First Name


Date of Birth

Post Code

Player Category (Enter 1)

Place of Birth (This is Country of Birth)


All other details like telephone number, full address and e-mail address are purely optional though no doubt useful for your own purposes.


For Seevent eligibility purposes please ensure that County of residence is always entered



Screen Shot 1






Screen Shot 2






Screen Shot 3






Screen Shot 4