Seevent National 60+/70+
County Cricket Championship

President : Roger Dakin
Vice Presidents Henry Blofeld , Peter Baxter

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England Over 70  Squad Australian Tour March 2018

The England Team to tour Australia for 3 weeks Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane
All players guaranteed a Test Match-unless injured
5 Tests and 5 Inter State  matches
All players/ organisers  asked to help find  Sponsors otherwise Tour is self funding
Manager is Nigel Ling of Yorkshire Ridings
Travel Agent in Australia Joel Mc Glynn

Full Squad

Martin Pearse ( Norfolk)
Andy Barnes ( Sussex)
Mickey Swain ( Hampshire)
Miles Rawlings ( Yorkshire)
Mark Shimmons ( Sussex)
Peter Crees ( Sussex)
Trevor Knowles ( Worcestershire)
Barry Hart ( Surrey)
Bob Ogden ( Leicestershire)
Jeff Baxter ( Leicestershire)-Wkt
Ian Watson ( Hampshire) –Wkt
Trevor Spindler ( Oxfordshire)
Ray Clarke ( Surrey)
Martin Woodward ( Worcestershire)
Peter Bettelley ( Wales)
Billy Smith ( Lancashire)
Graeme Corke ( Sussex)
Mickey Allen  (Northamptonshire)
Chris Lowe (Buckinghamshire)

MANAGER Nigel Ling  ( Yorkshire Ridings)


The England Over 70 Trial is at Lutterworth on Sunday 27 August and the Manager announced for the Tour to Australia in March 2018 is Nigel Ling, who has bought Yorkshire Ridings into the Seevent Championship very successfully.
The 3 week Tour will commence in Perth, moving onto Adelaide Melbourne and Brisbane, with 5 Test Matches  and 5  Inter State matches
The Squad will be announced next week



The 70+ England Tour to Australia in Feb March 2018 is not yet finalized .

However the following have been chosen to play in a Trial at Lutterworth CC  12 noon

Some players are already chosen if the Tour goes ahead

Graeme Corke  Mark Shimmons Peter Crees ( Sussex)
John Williams ( Wiltshire)
Jeff Baxter, Raj Ganatra ( Leicestershire)
Billy Smith ( Lancashire)
Ian Watson Russell Kyte ( Hampshire)
Martin Sheffield Chris Tucker( Buckinghamshire)
Mickey  Allen  David Ingham  Northamptonshire)
Gerald Ingram ( Bedfordshire)
Tony Johnson ( Hertfordshire)
Miles Rawlings( Yorkshire)
Frank Packman ( Kent)
Peter Bettelley ( Wales)
Ray Gerken Rick Carmen, Roger Beese ( Gloucestershire)
Trevor Knowles Cliff Rawlings ( Worcestershire)


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