Seevent National 60+/70+
County Cricket Championship

President : Roger Dakin
Vice Presidents Henry Blofeld , Peter Baxter

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The 8th Seevent Final  Over 60 1st X1

Kent v Cheshire

6th September 2016 at Lutterworth CC 

Another trouble free conclusion to the eighth 1st X1 Final saw the Lutterworth ground completely flooded after a freak storm at the weekend. So much so, there was shock on the players faces, used to two months of bone hard tracks. And it was damp, overcast, spitting with rain. Shades of two years ago.

Cheshire warmed up thoroughly led by their England 70+ Vice Captain Chris Lees.  Kent were a little more laid back-Rupert turned up half an hour before the start, quite early it seems. Cheshire won the toss and hard  Northerners always field first. It is in their DNA. Just as soft Southerners bat first. It is historic. (Norfolk can’t make up their minds.

Immediately, Cheshire were celebrating when the dangerous Chris Swadkin, edgy for once, was caught and bowled by Mike Cushion. But then a long stand ensued, between Andrew Dixon, very tall, very white haired, very dogged and, luckily no relation, Chris Tarrant, a leftie, shorter, barrel chested and bustling...

This stand lasted for circa 28 overs until, eventually Dixon threw caution to the wind and was smartly stumped by Graham Coull for 27 off 74. Tarrant and Jim Phillips then started to dominate. Phillips (if a team was selected today for Australia he would walk it), clips the ball beautifully off his legs and with Tarrant attacking the long on boundary, the score went to 170-3 in circa 38 before the latter was caught for a very valuable 84 in 113. Wickets sacrificed meant Kent ended up on 203-7, not where they really wanted to be, but still on the board. Star for Cheshire was Howard Morris, veteran of many Finals, 9-4-21-2. Great figures.

And the sun was by now shining brightly....

Cheshire’s innings mirrored Kent’s, ... Not easy. John Edwards displayed his Caribbean roots, but fellow cricketer Rupert Staple nearly had him a number of times. Nick Sharp played on and then Jim Phillips came on and after 4 balls of trickery, had Edwards heading for the pavilion, 28 off 48, 50-2 in 16. Lady luck then showed its hand when Paul Mitchell was run out by a direct hit from Andrew Dixon from 50 yards, 65.3 in 20.

Bernie Bishop (54) and Colin Norbury (47) then started to dominate, but Kent had the ace up their sleeve bringing on Chris Swadkin and Colin Breed then had Bishop stumped. Swadkin’s floaty left arm spin, slower than his run up, accounted for 4 Cheshire wickets for 25, as they fell away at the death, always slightly behind, but still in contention. Derek Towe also contributed well with 3-26 as the game concluded on 44.5, Cheshire 190 all out, Kent victorious by 13 runs.

The MOM was difficult to judge. Jim Phillips damaged Cheshire badly, as did the whirling little dervish Chris Swadkin, despite a rare batting  failure. However 84 in a National Final is  a massive contribution, and so the 8th Final MOM was awarded to Chris Tarrant

So Cheshire still remain 3 times as Champions, Kent twice and Norfolk, Essex ,and Somerset once each .

Many thanks to Geoff and Katherine Baxter for all  their hard work: the ground, food, everything at Lutterworth and for the great spread afterwards.

Also to Myra Isterling and Tim Redsell for the scoring and to Mervyn Mann and former Leicestershire CCC player John Harrop for umpiring.

1st XI Play Offs 2016

Last 16 From Sun 14th August last date playable Friday 19th August

Last 8 Sun 21st August to Friday 26th August

Last 4 Sun 28th August to Friday 2nd September

Final Sun 4th September / Tues 6th / Wed 7th September


NEGOTIABLE (if both sides agree) Mon / Thurs

Committee Note: As ECB 50 play on Sundays, we would recommend the same, if possible, ie the matches commence on a Sunday, obviously both sides must agree.


Secretary asks Home Team to call heads or tails and email him the answer.

Secretary asks Away Team to call heads or tails and email him the answer.

If two are the same, Away Side wins.

If different, the Home Team wins.

This would give participation and an email trail for record.

Martin Pearse 02/08/2016


1st XIs - Cup Final

Sept 6th Kent Beat Cheshire
  203-7, 45 Overs By 13 Runs 190 All Out, 44.5 Overs
  Chris Tarrant 84, Jim Phillips 60 Bernie Bishop 54, Colin Norbury 47, Chris Swadkin 4-25

1st XIs - 3/4th Playoff

  Surrey v Yorkshire

1st XIs - Cup - Round 1

16-Aug Hertfordhshire (1) (T)
Shropshire (16)
  282-1, 45 Overs By 118 Runs 164-4, 45 Overs
  David Robinson 126 n.o. Simon Clements 76 n.o. and Duncan Elder 69  
16-Aug Norfolk (8) Lost to Kent (9) (T)
  128 All Out 40.5 Overs By 84 Runs 212-5, 45 Overs
  Chris Swadkin 4-20 Chris Tarrant 70
16-Aug Oxfordhsire (4) Lost to Essex (12) (T)
  149 All Out 37.3 Overs By 93 Runs 242-6, 45 Overs
  A Wingfield-Digby 65, J. Elliott 3-12, J. Stuck 3 catches and 1 stumping N Bloch 113, A Gallant 55, T Spindler 3 - 37,
16-Aug Yorkshire (5) Beat Northamptonshire (13) (T)
  147-2, 37.5 Overs By 8 wickets 143 All Out, 42.3 Overs
  Murphy Walwyn 40 not outDicky Denton 51; Graham Copley 3-29, Zai Ali 3-20
16-Aug Surrey (2) Beat Hampshire (15) (T)
  190-1, 28.2 Overs By 9 Wickets 189-7, 45 Overs
  C Evans 110 Not Out, N Angus 63 Not Out T.Morton 45, B Hart 4-29
16-Aug Cheshire (6) (T) Beat Somerset (10)
  180 All Out By 39 Runs 141-8, 45 Overs
  Nick Sharp 41, Phil Noble 57 . Howard Morris 3-20
16-Aug Gloucestershire (3) Beat Bedfordshire (14) (T)
  208-7, 45 Overs By 119 Runs 89 All Out , 35.2 Overs
  John Evans 92 and Keith Daniels 63 Bob Plowman 4 for 23
John Turton 4 for 22
18-Aug Buckinghamshire (7) Beat Lancashire (11)
  273-9, 45 Overs by 1 Wicket 272-6, 45 Overs
  Brian Shipley 76*, John Rolfe 73, Billy Smith 3-62 Glenn Bullock 150, Steve Tickell 55, Denzil Owen 3-34

1st XIs - Cup - Quarter Finals

Match A Hertfordhshire Lost to Kent
  197-9, 45 Overs By 50 Runs 247-6, 45 Overs
  D Elder 42, T Mitchell 3-37 A Dixon 69, Swadkin 62, T Hassan 3-48
Match B Essex (T) Lost to Yorkshire
  134-7, 44 Overs By 5 Wickets 136-5, 41.3 Overs
  S Sargent 44 M Rawlings 44 Not Out
Match C Surrey Beat Buckinghamshire (T)
  210-2, 35.5 Overs By 8 Wickets 206-7, 45 Overs

Chris Evans 102 not out, Andy Peters 89

Graham Keens 55 Brian Shipley 40 not out

Match D Gloucestershire (T) Lost to Cheshire
  191-7, 45 Overs By 5 Wickets 193-5, 41.5 Overs
  Keith Daniels 95 Not Out Colin Norbury 64 Not Out , Christopher Edwards 53

1st XIs - Cup - Semi Finals

30th Aug Kent (T) Beat Yorkshire
  228-3, 45 Overs By 20 Runs 208-6, 45 Overs
  A Dixon 82 Not Out, D Towe 44, C Swadkin 43 J Davidson 82 Not Out, J Flintoff 45
30th Aug Surrey (T) Lost to Cheshire
  238-5, 45 Overs By 6 Wickets 240-4, 43.5 Overs