Seevent National 60+/70+
County Cricket Championship

President : Roger Dakin
Vice Presidents Henry Blofeld , Peter Baxter

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Competition Rules 2017 Qualification of Players

With the start of the new season this week the following summary of the qualification requirements for players may be of help.
NB It is the responsibility of each County to ensure that all their players qualify in accordance with Para 2a and 2b;

2(a) In the 60’s Championship players must be 60 years or over on the day of the match, except that two players aged 59 on the date of the match may play.
In the 70’s Championship players must be 69 or over on the day of the match, except that one 68 year old may play provided the opposition are given 24 hours notice. (New counties in the competition may play two 68 year olds.)

2(b) Players must be a bona fide playing member of a Cricket Club in the County he is representing, or have been born or be resident in that County.
Managers must hold registration forms completed by each player detailing their date of birth, place of birth, current permanent residence and club playing for.
In addition, all players must be league registered on the National 60+/70+ County Cricket Play-Cricket website. No unregistered players will be permitted to play in any Championship match.

Special Registrations

2(f) An individual player who is not qualified to play for a County that participates in the County Championship under rule 2(b) above but would qualify in an immediately adjacent County that does not play in the County Championship may be Specially Registered to play by a participating County.
The Special register will be controlled by the Secretary on behalf of the Committee and details shall be included on the Seevent website.

Note; The Committee Working Party reviewing the Constitution, Competition Rules etc. has specifically looked at Special Player Registrations because of concerns expressed by numerous Counties about how these have been applied in the past. There were no records relating to decisions made and in some cases the Competition Rules have not been properly applied.

Consequently, a new procedure has been introduced for this season which requires every player/county to complete an application form for Special Registration, for both new and existing players.
This will be used to make a decision on all Special Registrations to ensure that the Competition rules are properly and consistently applied.
All Counties who had a player who was Specially Registered last season (there were 7), were advised of this change and the revised requirement with copy application forms 6 weeks ago.
Most have responded but not all. Where there has been no response the National 60+/70+ league registration will be cancelled.
I would also draw your attention to Para 2(g) regarding penalties for playing ineligible players,i.e. the County will get no points for the game and will forfeit 10 points each time it occurs and the opposition will be awarded 22 points.

Best wishes for an enjoyable and successful season, hopefully played in the true Spirit of Cricket.

Barry Briscoe
Hon. Secretary


2017 Victoria tour to the UK

This tour has been called off due to lack of numbers to make up a suitable touring party.


Preparing for the Australian visit in July!

Following the reappointment of John Foster, Chris Swadkin and Andrew Clarke (Manager) to the England Over 60 team, nominations for the 2017 squad were invited from all the counties taking part in the Seevent competition.

Over 30 players were put forward and the selectors have chosen the following to participate in the trial process during May:

Bernie Bishop, Glen Bullock, Simon Clements, John Courtney, Pete Docherty, Ken Earl, Duncan Elder, Chris Evans, Keith Harsham, Pete Hayes, Peter Howard, Jim Phillips, John Punchard, Steve Saker,  Martin Southwell, Chris Tarrant , Marcus Young.

These players will take part in a trial match at Banbury on 14 May alongside some of the Ashes squad from 2016. Two teams will then be chosen from these players and the rest of the 2016 squad to form a final trial match which will take place on 28 May.

The schedule of fixtures for the tour has been agreed, details are on the Internationals page

John Foster


John Thomas of Essex Seniors is up and about, making good progress and is no longer in hospital. He is now in a position to spend some of his time at home whilst also being in the care of a “Rehab” Centre in Dagenham for parts of the week. John’s current big challenge is to regain his use of speech, an area that is still giving him problems and for which he is receiving therapy. To those who know John, either on or off the field, I am sure you will join me in wishing John a full and speedy recovery.

Best Regards
Terry Sims Essex Seniors Cricket County Representative


The new Constitution for 2017 as agreed at the 2016 AGM held on 30th November 2016 can be read by clicking here


Russell Abbott

Dear Colleagues,
Russ Abbott of Suffolk Seniors sadly passed away on Tuesday 7th March after a short illness. He had represented Suffolk through the 60s and had been an ever present in the 70s for 6 years, having been a founder member. His gentle away swing bowling, competitive streak and quick wit were highly respected and admired by both colleagues and opponents. Our condolences go to his wife Edith and family and his colleagues. He will be sadly missed.
Barry Briscoe (Secretary)


Geoff Halls

Dear Colleagues,
It is with great sadness that I have to advise you that Geoff Halls, the Wiltshire Secretary, passed away suddenly yesterday on his 68th birthday.
Geoff had been a loyal, diligent and conscientious Hon Secretary for 6 years and a member of Wiltshire County Seniors for 18 years.
He was also a Committee member of the Wiltshire County Cricket league, the Swindon Midweek Cricket league, Chairman of Highworth CC and an organiser of the Burmah Castrol cricket section.
We send our condolences to his family and friends. He will be sadly missed by his colleagues.
Sad regards,
Barry Briscoe (Secretary)


Andrew Jenner

Dear Colleagues,
It is with great regret that I have to advise you that Andy Jenner the Secretary of Essex Seniors Cricket sadly passed away suddenly yesterday morning.
Our condolences go to his family and friends.
Andy was a passionate and dedicated cricketer and administrator who will be sadly missed. I will forward details of the Funeral arrangements in due course.
Sad regards,
Barry Briscoe (Secretary)


Dear Colleagues,

I have just spoken to Terry Sims at Essex Seniors and he has advised me that John Thomas their well known opening bowler suffered a stroke yesterday and is now in hospital.
At the moment he is very poorly. Our best wishes go out to him for a full and speedy recovery.
Our thoughts are with Essex Seniors at this very difficult time.

Barry  Briscoe (Secretary)


The full itinerary for the 2017 Australia 60+ tour of the UK is now on the 60+ Internationals page accessed from the main menu.

Eighth Seventh Seevent DMS National County Over 60/70 Cricket Championship AGM

Minutes of the 2016 AGM held on 30th November 2016 can be read by clicking here

Instruction and Guidance for Umpires

The Seevent Board strongly recommends that all Umpires standing in its competition (at whatever level) be covered by insurance in any event that they be sued for negligence under Health and Safety Laws or other.
This might arise if any player(s) be injured and it can be proven that this transpired because of a wrong decision made relevant to fitness of play, to include ground, light or weather (to include lightning).
Every Umpire officiating in the Seevent Competition must therefore take the time and trouble to read and understand the latest recommendations from the ECB/ACO regarding fitness for play and to comply with the Laws of Cricket. It is not the responsibility of the Seevent Board to publicise these recommendations.
However when and where possible the Seevent Board will post on its website any changes to the current advices (June 2016).
All current members of the ECBACO are automatically covered by insurance which is included in their annual subscription. Anybody who is not a member of the ECBACO (to include anyone who has not renewed his/her ECBACO membership) who stands in the Seevent Competition is strongly advised to make their own arrangements regarding this personal and necessary insurance cover.
For further guidance please contact the Seevent Hon. Secretary in the first instance.

Seevent Playing Regulations 1.4

Please note that is no actual cut off time to comeplete a match and that all matches should be completed if at all possible as per Playing Regulation 1.4.

The Close of Play Time is ONLY used for the calculation of overs remaining to be played following an interruption. If, in the opinion of the umpires, the conditions for the players are safe, and the light playable, the match will continue until the required number of overs has been bowled or one side has won.

Constitution, Rules and Regulations

It is essential that Captains, Organisers and Umpires are always familiar with the latest playing regulations.

Qualification of players:

Rule 2 (b): All players must be registered on the Seevent National 60+/70+ County Cricket Play-Cricket website. No unregistered player will be permitted to play in any Championship match. Click here for the guidelines on how to register your players for the Seevent Championship.

Rule 2 (h) dictates that a player may not play for their 2nd XI once he/she has played 7 or more games for the 1st XI in the coming season.
This helps define the words ‘regular members of the 1st XI’ in Rule 2 (i).
2(i) is meant to cover using 1st XI players making up the numbers in the 2nd XI, rather than genuine cases of borderline 1st/2ndXI players. Counties will want to use common sense in following this rule and not debar players from having a full game of cricket.

The reference to ‘current international players’ in 2 (i) means those who represented England in the season 2016 or in 2016/17 overseas. If Counties want to play such a player in their 2nd XI for whatever reason, they should contact the Secretary. A list of current internationals will appear Here shorlty.

Players who are not eligible for a County or Wales under Rule 2 (b) require special registration. Counties and Wales should ensure that such ineligible players are specially registered with the Secretary before they play in a match. A list of such players will appear Here shortly.

Penalties for playing an ineligible player are set out in Rule 2 (g).


Please remind all your scorers and all your officials who enter scorecards that all losing teams should be allocated the appropriate number of batting and bowling bonus points. The winning team receives the standard 22 points for a win only.

Batting Bonus Points : Up to a maximum of 5 are awarded at 125, 150, 175, 200 and 225

Bowling Bonus Points : Up to a maximum of 5 are awarded for every two wickets taken eg at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.

Eighth Seventh Seevent DMS National County Over 60/70 Cricket Championship AGM

Minutes of the 2016 AGM held on 30th November 2016 can be read by clicking here

The Constitition for 2017, ratified at the AGM is available via the menu on the left of this page. This document includes the 2017 Rules as Appendix A and 2017 Playing Regulations as Appendix B. These are also available via the "Rules & Regulations" option as in previous years. The Constitution also includes Appendix C; Code of Conduct and Player Behaviour, 2017.


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