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President : Roger Dakin
Vice Presidents: Peter Baxter, Scyld Berry, Henry Blofeld

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England 60+ defeat Wales 60+ in hard fought match at Cheltenham

Full report on the Internationals page


England 60+ Latest News

An England 60+ ‘12’ took on the Chairman’s team at Oxford Downs on 8 September. Asked to bat first England scored a handy 198 for 6 in their 45 overs with good runs coming from Elder (29) Evans (32) and Clements (39) before the Chairman’s team fought back with wickets for Courtney(2) Willis (2) and one each for Sargent and Bartholomew. Jim Phillips scored an excellent 44 from 37 balls to boost the score with late support from Tarrant and Stafford before an excellent tea was taken.
Sargent and Robinson took the game to England with some good running between the wickets interspersed with the odd boundary and the score had moved on to 42 before Robinson was forced to retire on 27. Five wickets then fell for 27 runs as spinners Young and Stafford took control of the game. Late partnerships between Courtney, Belletty and Pegg pushed the score over the 100 mark but the Chairman fell to an excellent catch by Punchard and the final wicket fell with the score on 128 with an over to spare as England finished winners by 70 runs.

Many thanks must go to the Oxford Downs Cricket Club for the use of their excellent facilities and also to the scorers (Maggie Boyden and Neil Harris) and umpires (Bob Chamberlain and John Finch).

The full scorecard can be viewed here:

England now go on to play Wales at Cheltenham on Saturday 15 September starting at 12 noon.

The England team will once again be skippered by John Foster – team as follows:

J Foster (Shrops), D Bartholomew (Lancs), N Belletty (Soms), N Calvert (Lincs), J Courtney (Gloucs), C Evans (Surrey), D Owen (Bucks), J Phillips, (Kent), J Punchard (Lancs), M Stafford (Middx), C Tarrant (Kent), M Young (Essex)

Reserves: S Sargent (Essex) M Southwell (Essex) C Frank (Yorks)


Play Offs Week
Date Competition       Winners
4th Sept 60+ 1st XI Final Hertfordshire v Lancashire Lancashire by 26 Runs
4th Sept 60+ 2nd XI Final Surrey v Wales Surrey by 7 Wickets
5th Sept 60+ 2nd XI Plate Final Hertfordshire v Gloucestershire Gloucestershire by 81 Runs
6th Sept 70+ Final Sussex v Kent Kent by 68 Runs
6th Sept 60+ 2nd XI Bowl Final Devon v Bedfordshire Devon by 81 Runs
6th Sept 60+ 1st XI Plate Final 1st Leg Norfolk v Essex Match Abandoned
9th Sept 60+ 1st XI Bowl Final Suffolk v Berkshire Berkshire by 1 Run
13th Sept 60+ 1st XI Plate Final 2nd Leg Essex v Norfolk Essex by 48 Runs


England 60+ v Chairman's XI (12 a Side)

Date: Saturday 8 September
Venue: Oxford Downs CC (Post Code OX29 7QH)
Start time: 12:30pm 
Playing conditions: 45 overs per side, maximum nine overs, only 11 to bat/be on the field

The England ‘12’ to play against the Chairman’s team has been selected as follows:

J Foster (Shrops), I Caunce (Oxon), S Clements (Herts), D Elder (Herts), C Evans (Surrey), K Harsham (Hants), D Owen (Bucks), J Phillips (Kent), J Punchard (Lancs), M Stafford (Middlesex), C Tarrant (Kent wk), M Young (Essex).

Scorer: Maggie Boyden (Shrops)

England 60+ v Wales - New Date is 15th September at Cheltenham 12:00 Start


England 70+ beat Australia 70+ in the deciding ODI to win the series 2-1


England 70+ level the Ashes ODI Series with a 22 run victory. Full match report on the 70+ Internationals page


Australia 70+ beat England 70+ by 5 runs in the first ODI - Full report on the 70+ Internationals page


Week of Surprises

On Monday the touring Australia 70+ team lost for the first time on tour to the Chairman's XI - Full Match report on the 70+ Internationals page

  • Kent 3rd XI 's run of 45 consecutive victories going back to May 2015 finally came to end end after losing by 55 runs to Surrey. See the 3rd XI results page


England 60+ v Wales 60+

The following have been selected to play against Wales on 12 August at Cheltenham CC, Princes Street, GL52 6BE. Start time 1:00 pm – all spectators are welcome.

J Foster (Shrops), M Ivill (Yorks), D Bartholomew (Lancs), N Belletty (Soms), N Calvert (Lincs), S Clements (Herts), J Courtney (Gloucs), D Elder (Herts), K Harsham (Hants), D Owen (Bucks), D Pegg (Northants), M Young (Essex)


S Sargent (Essex), M Southwell (Essex), M Stafford (Middlesex), C Tarrant (wk) (Kent)

Scorer: Maggie Boyden. Umpire: J Beaman (Hereford)


The 70+ Squad to face Australia this Summer in 3 ODI's is as follows :

Mick Swain ( Captain) (Hampshire), Chris Swadkin (Vice Captain) (Kent)
Andy Barnes (Sussex), Peter Crees (Sussex)
Martin Hall (Hampshire), Barry Hart (Surrey)
Stuart Bulger (Hertfordshire), Colin Breed (Kent)
Peter Betteley (Wales), Trevor Spindler (Oxfordshire)
Martin Woodward (Worcestershire), Bob Philips (Kent)
Phil Taylor (Yorkshire), Martin Burgess (Wk Kp) (Sussex)
Malcolm Wright (Essex)

All the fixtures are on the 70+ Internationals page


2nd XI Play Offs - Player Selection Rules Reminder

As per section (5) of the 2018 Rules no player who has played 5 or more 1st XI matches will be allowed to play in the 2nd XI Play Offs without the explicit pre match permission of the Competition Organiser (Len Attard).
This includes any such players who may have already been given permission to play in 2nd XI Group Matches.
Failure to obtain pre match permission could well result in the match being awarded to the opposition team.


70+ Player Qualification Rules Reminder

As per the Player Qualification Rule 4.2 for the 70+ Competition only 1 68 year is allowed to play in a 70+ match though counties playing in the competition for the first time (Wales & Leicestershire for 2018) may play two 68 year olds.
In all cases the opposition must be given 24 hours notice and the player must not be a member of the 60+ 1st XI.

Unfortunately there have been some breaches of this rule which has resulted in penalty points being applied and a couple of further breaches are currently under investigation.


2018 1st and 2nd XI Play Offs Dates

Last 16 - Tuesday 31st July (Reserve date either Sunday 5th August or Tuesday 7th August)
Last 8 - Tuesday 14th August (Reserve date Sunday 19th August or Tuesday 21st August)
Semi-Finals - Tuesday 28 August (Reserve date Sunday 2nd September)


1st XI Tuesday 4th September at Aston Rowant, Oxfordshire
2nd XI Tuesday 4th September at Poulton CC

2018 70+ Play Offs Dates

Last 8 Thursday 16th August
Semi Finals Thursday 30th August
Final Thursday 6th September at Little Baddow CC (Esssex)


Registration of Players

Please note that all players must be registered to be eligible to play in our competitions are per Rule 4.5

"All players must be registered on the Championship National 60+ County Cricket - Play Cricket Web site.  Unregistered players are not allowed to play in any Championship match. Registration forms are to be completed by all players confirming compliance with Rules 4.1 to 4.3 and retained by County Managers/Organisers."


The Playing Regulations and Competition Rules for 2018 have now been agreed by the membership.

The Playing Regulations can be found by clicking here and the Competition Rules can be found by clicking here


The minutes from the February 2018 Committee Meeting are now available on the Committee Meeting Minutes page


All historical playing records can now be accessed by using the new link on the main menu titled "Historical Playing Records".


Issues with Play Cricket impacting Scorecards and Team Selections

A number of Counties have experienced some issues with Play Cricket the past week with regard to selecting teams and completing scorecards. The Play Cricket Helpdesk have confirmed they did make some changes during the Winter.

When selecting a team using the Team Picker or when entering the Confirmed Team onto Scorecards the only players offered for selection by default are those who are named in the squad for that team.

There are a couple of ways to get round this problem :

(a) The best option by far is to ensure all players are included in the squad(s) for teams they are likely to be selected for. Only a Main Administrator can now add players to team squads by using the Edit Role option for the missing player(s).

(b) Or you can to select N/A from the Squad drop down box which will then show all the League Registered players for the County. For counties with several teams this is rather cumbersome and why the Play Cricket introduced this change.

The “old” option to search for a player is no longer showing though it’s still there for Friendly matches

As a consequence seven scorecards affecting 8 Counties are currently showing a lot of players as Unsure.

So can everyone take urgent action to ensure all the their team squads are updated accordingly and that any incomplete scorecards are subsequently completed.

Instruction and Guidance for Umpires

The Seevent Board strongly recommends that all Umpires standing in its competition (at whatever level) be covered by insurance in any event that they be sued for negligence under Health and Safety Laws or other.
This might arise if any player(s) be injured and it can be proven that this transpired because of a wrong decision made relevant to fitness of play, to include ground, light or weather (to include lightning).
Every Umpire officiating in the Seevent Competition must therefore take the time and trouble to read and understand the latest recommendations from the ECB/ACO regarding fitness for play and to comply with the Laws of Cricket. It is not the responsibility of the Seevent Board to publicize these recommendations.
However when and where possible the Seevent Board will post on its website any changes to the current advices (June 2016).
All current members of the ECBACO are automatically covered by insurance which is included in their annual subscription. Anybody who is not a member of the ECBACO (to include anyone who has not renewed his/her ECBACO membership) who stands in the Seevent Competition is strongly advised to make their own arrangements regarding this personal and necessary insurance cover.
For further guidance please contact the Seevent Hon. Secretary in the first instance.

Seevent Playing Regulations 1.4 / 1.5

Please note there is no actual cut off time to complete a match and that all matches should be completed if at all possible as per Playing Regulation 1.4.

The Close of Play Time is ONLY used for the calculation of overs remaining to be played following an interruption. If, in the opinion of the umpires, the conditions for the players are safe, and the light playable, the match will continue until the required number of overs has been bowled or one side has won.

Constitution, Rules and Regulations

It is essential that Captains, Organisers and Umpires are fully familiar with the latest playing regulations.

Qualification of players:

Rule 4.5 All players must be registered on the Seevent National 60+/70+ County Cricket Play-Cricket website. No unregistered player will be permitted to play in any Championship match. Click here for the guidelines on how to register your players for the Seevent Championship.

Penalties for playing an ineligible player are set out in Rule 4.6.


Please remind all your scorers and all your officials who enter scorecards that all losing teams should be allocated the appropriate number of batting and bowling bonus points. The winning team receives the standard 22 points for a win only.

Batting Bonus Points : Up to a maximum of 5 are awarded at 125, 150, 175, 200 and 225

Bowling Bonus Points : Up to a maximum of 5 are awarded for every two wickets taken eg at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.

Ninth Seventh Seevent DMS National County Over 60/70 Cricket Championship AGM

Minutes of the 2017 AGM held on 29th November 2017 can be read by clicking here



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